The firm handles company formations and investment advices, privatization and divestiture, corporate Restructuring, Liquidations and receiverships, tax laws, Land laws (conveyancing) and international Laws, Labor Laws, Banking Laws, Insurance Laws, Social Security Laws, Laws of Contract & agreements and so on.

Insurance Laws.

  • The firm serves you with advices and handles your insurance matters in relation to claims, litigation, negotiations and/or otherwise.

Company formation and Investment Advice

  • We are able to assist foreign investors to establish corporate presence in Tanzania and advise them with all honesty and respect on the investments, procedures and other legal requirements. We are also glad to offer general advice on company matters.

Corporate Restructuring

  • We advise and guide companies undertaking corporate re-organizations for the purpose of listing in overseas stock markets or otherwise raising funds locally.

Corporate Statutory and Business Support Services.

  • We shallprovide a full range of corporate statutory and administrative business support services to our clients when it is required for us to act as their corporate Secretaries. Services include the preparation and filling of all Statutory returns with the Registrar of companies, attending Board and shareholders meetings, taking records of proceedings andsecuring all necessary permits e.g.: licenses and authorizations required to enable corporate entities to incorporate their business in Tanzania.

Tax Laws.

  • We generally advise our clients in respect of all aspects of tax law including, corporate taxation, import duties, sales tax, stamp duty and related litigation.

Labor Law.

  • One of the most sought for advices are in relation to labor laws and employee benefits in new businesses. The "would be" investors in privatized public corporations and assets purchasing of companies in receivership/liquidation need to be guided accordingly.

Advice is given in respect of employees' terminal befits, employees' share scheme or equity participation or re-engagement of previously terminated employees, employees' recruitment, local employees' contracts for expatriate employees and all legal contracts in respect of employer/employees relationship.

We are also very much proud of our litigation records as far as the labor laws are concerned.
We represent clients on a wide range of employment matters, including;

  • redundancy, unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, unfair termination
  • race discrimination claims
  • sexual harassment claims
  • disability discrimination
  • drafting compromise


  • The firm is glad to provide advice in relation to conveyance and property matters and has represented clients in numerous transactions relating to the sale and purchase of mobile and landed properties, tenancies and leases of various types of properties.
  • We assist clients in the drawing of conveyance instrument, provide advice in relation to the sale or lease of property and generally attend to all requisite registration formalities on behalf of our clients.

Legal counseling to Bank and Financial Institutions

  • As legal counsel to local & international banks and international financial institutions We undertake appropriate legal due diligence [including preparation, drafting, registration, etc of all security documentation] on the borrowers and provides legal opinion on their stability as corporate entities to borrow and to issue collateral as security for the loans as well as the enforceability of security provided.


  • As an important aspect of an emerging market like Tanzania, there is a necessity of liquidating unviable business. G.Y.HASSAM & COMPANY, ADOCATES has requisite expertise in liquidating unviable companies.